Friday, July 28, 2006

If you were Prime Minister of India then what you would do?

Everyone has a dream! You must be having it too! But some have a real zeal to pursue their dreams with great persistence, perseverance and strength to become and do what they want in life. Many of us love our country and countrymen and want to do something real good for our motherland India to keep up her pride and honor. The development with the pace of time is the key word in the success of people and country. In the democratic India, each one of us has something to share on government policies, rules and regulations, general pubic life, possibilities and opportunities of development and growth, the future of country, political issues, critical issues etc. With our experience and practical with democracy and current affairs of our country, we realize ‘need of change’ and have good suggestions and ideas that can benefit country and countrymen. They say “to think is the greatest asset and potential of mankind”, so your ideas and thinking are the greatest assets of India that can help her to attain success in every field. You might have felt sometime “would I be the Prime Minister of India, I would have done this and that…”, that shows that you really want to change the present state of affairs for better in the common interest. Each one has different intellectual, knowledge, experience and capacity that differs one’s perceptions and thinking from others. So if you have a suggestion and experience to share, that you want to tell to the Indian government and other enthusiastic and energetic countrymen for making a change for better, THEN WRITE IT HERE. Put yourself in the position of Prime Minister of a country having the largest democratic government, greatest potential and multiple diversities in present era, and if you were at the top of hierarchy in political and administrative system of your country, then what changes and orders you do that will be really needed.

If I were PM of India

I would visit the villages and small towns to look for development and the present state of common man. The Toll Free Phone Number would be established in country on which any person can provide grievance and can check its status. The helpline for complaining the cases related to corruption would also be established. The police, law and order would be reviewed frequently on the priority basis. The problem of Jammu & Kashmir would be solved with the help of local politicians of valley. The capital punishment would be abolished. The redressal of complaints of a citizen would be given high priority. A good peaceful and happy life would be made available to all Indian nationals. Indian would emerge as a superpower with the development in all the fields. The international currency exchange value of Rupees would come to Re.1= $1.